"We manage your PROJECT from the initial idea until its conclusion"

At RYB a PROJECT is understood (in the sense of the PMI - Project Management Institute) as, “A temporary enterprise, with well-defined start and end dates, with a pre-established budget / cost, which aims to realize a unique product or service (different) and that it is concluded when its goals are reached and approved by the stakeholders (interested parties) ”.

The service provided by RYB therefore consists in the development of the Project from the initial idea / program to its conclusion and delivery to our Client. This service allows the Client to have greater control of the actions because, after defining all the requirements with RYB, there is only one entity responsible for the management of the entire Project. The methodology that RYB applies in this service allows the Client to save on structural costs for monitoring the Project and to have evident gains in execution time, in the quality and in the final cost of the Project.

A Project is composed of several phases, presenting the generic structure of a “life cycle”:

Conceptualization / Previous Studies;

Definition / Development;

Design / Architecture-Engineering;

Realization / Acquisition / Inspection;

Putting into Service / Conclusion.

RYB is able, through a specialized team working efficiently and in close collaboration with our client, to manage the entire Life Cycle of a Project, but can develop a project only from a certain stage or develop only a few isolated components of the Project. For this, RYB has a set of multidisciplinary skills available that cover diverse areas of knowledge such as Engineering, Architecture, Urbanism, Economics, Law, etc.

Although normally the service provided by RYB is performed by elements of its team, there are also situations in which the team is made up of elements directly designated by the Project Promoter and/or partners specialized in specific areas of knowledge necessary for the Project.

In almost all Projects there is a need to obtain Licenses and Certificates of the most diverse types. Throughout their careers, RYB professionals have had direct contact with this type of administrative process, which allows us to manage and relate to the various Public Coordinating Entities in an efficient and effective manner, which ultimately translates into a great benefit for our customers both in terms of time and rigor in handling and resolving processes.