"We inspect your building site to ensure compliance with all technical requirements, quality, safety, costs and deadlines"

Construction Management and Building Inspection are two services that complement each other and occur when the Projects materialize, that is, during the Construction Works Execution Phase.

Our Construction Management and Inspection Team is made up of technicians with high experience, who throughout their careers have assumed positions of Building Director and Building Supervision, being knowledgeable of all the dynamics that are experienced in a construction site, of the prices of market, construction techniques and processes, public procurement legislation, legislation relating to the various specialties involved in construction and legislation relating to Safety at Work conditions.

In terms of contracting, the way of carrying out a Building Site, depends on several factors and can be from a General Contract to an Direct Administration.

The Management of a Building Site is a process that takes place in two different periods: First, when choosing the companies that will carry out the construction; Then, during the execution of the construction.

In order to choose the Companies that will execute the Construction, a Tender Process is elaborated that begins with the preparation and organization of all the necessary information so that the competing companies can understand the work to be executed in order to be able to prepare their proposals. Proposals will be answered on pre-defined work maps so that they can be compared later. This is followed by the Launch of the Competition: the period for clarifying doubts from competitors, the analysis of the proposals received, the preparation of comparative maps and the preparation of the Report in which the classification of the proposals received is determined. After analyzing the Report, together with our client, the decision is made to choose the companies that will carry out the work, and the respective contracts are prepared and signed.

During the execution of the construction, the Project Management starts being named by Construction Supervision.

The Inspection of the Construction begins with the availability, to the companies that will carry out the construction, of the space where the work will be. This action is formalized in the Consignment Statement.


RYB will ensure that the Contract will be carried out in such a way that all participants are always aware that they are part of a Team, each with their duties and responsibilities, with a common objective that will be to ensure that the final result of the Contract will correspond fully to the Planned in the Execution Projects and to the full satisfaction of the Promoter's expectations.

We will conduct a briefing daily with the Contractor's representative in order to confirm that the activities planned for that day, in the Weekly Plan, have been prepared in advance and properly in terms of all the necessary resources (personnel, equipment and materials) and the corresponding technical aspects , to prevent the use of “improvisation” in order to guarantee the quality of the work to be performed. The planned measures will also be analyzed so that the work takes place under the appropriate safety conditions. This last action includes the daily verification and registration of the list of personnel authorized to work on the construction site. This list is updated weekly and only includes workers who have all the requirements required by the Working Conditions Legislation. There will also be a list for authorized equipment, which will only include certified equipment, with up-to-date inspections and other requirements provided for in the respective legislation.

We will promote a Weekly Work Meeting, organized by subjects, in order to cover all aspects of the contract and to guarantee the fulfillment of all the Obligations foreseen in the Inspection Service Provision.

At each Work Meeting, the Work Plan will be marked out in terms of deadline and financial schedule. A detailed Weekly Planning will be carried out where the activities foreseen in the General Planning will appear with an indication of the allocation in terms of personnel and equipment. Every week it will be checked what was foreseen and what was actually executed, so that, in case of non-compliance, actions can be immediately defined to recover the delayed works.

From the Building Site Meeting will result in Minutes that will include annexes with the Monitoring of each Subject.

This document will act as a Work Guide and it contains all the decisions and the attribution of responsibility for future actions, as well as the respective execution deadlines.

The Measurement Records will be checked and approved on a monthly basis and a Report will be prepared that aggregates the Control Maps related to the various Subjects, as well as the photographic Report indexed to the activities developed foreseen in the Weekly Plan.

At the end of the Contract, the Work Reception Report will be presented accompanied by the Technical Compilation and the Final Drawings.

Actions to be developed:

  1. Make daily trips for routine inspection of the work, verifying the full compliance with the approved projects, as well as the other elements of solution of the work;
  2. Do not allow changes to the execution project, except those that are authorized in writing by the contracting authority or that are the result of unforeseeable events;
  3. Ensure that any changes in the course of the construction comply with the rules of the Public Contracts Code and other applicable legislation;
  4. Control and verify compliance with the rules relating to the workbook and initial the respective pages;
  5. Ensure administrative, technical and financial control of the contract, with a view to ensuring control of measurements and billing, covering:
    • Geometric control of the different phases of the works for the purposes of measurement control;
    • Control of the quantities of work performed monthly and the analysis and opinion on quantities presented by the contractor;
    • Information on any complaints made by the contractor regarding the measurement records;
    • Measurement and control of complementary works, less work and estimation of their budgetary values ​​proposing them for the approval of the developer;
  6. Ensure control of the contract term through weekly monitoring of the work plan;
  7. Ensure quality control, preparing reports and surveys on the progress of the work, so that the contractor proceeds to correct the construction constructive flaws that may be detected, with a view to the work correctly performing the functional requirements for which it was designed, taking into account the quality parameters defined in the projects and in the art of building well;
  8. Make digital photographic records, during the various phases of the work and present, monthly, to the contractor photos of the physical progress of the work, together with the monthly inspection report;
  9. Require the contractor to provide the approval documents, as well as the quality and test certificates, of all materials and equipment applied on site, including those that are not in current and traditional use;
  10. Request the contractor to present the certificates or documents of conformity of the surveys to the systems and the respective approvals, issued by the concessionaires of the infrastructure systems;
  11. Verification of compliance with safety and health rules at work, in accordance with the Workplace Safety and Health Plan and current legislation;
  12. Request from the contractor proofs of delivery of the residues from the work to an authorized entity, subsequently handing them over to the developer to be included in the work process, ensuring compliance with the Management and Waste Plan for the work, in accordance with the legislation in force;
  13. Appreciate and approve the final drawings of the contract.